Mistress Alicia – NYC Dominatrix          

You will be exposed before ME when I first look into your eyes and penetrate your soul. And you will instantly realize that I am the woman who will guide you into the deeper and darker side of submission.

From the moment you are in MY divine presence, you will finally understand the meaning of true submission to a Superior Female and will know the most powerful and real form of Female Domination. Whether you are willing or resistant, you will learn to please ME and find pleasure in seeing the smile on MY face.

As an Alpha Female and Lifestyle Domina, a Hypnotist and Trainer of Submissive Males, I possess an unparalleled ability to take you through the Ultimate Experience of Submission.

Even and especially with the most Alpha of males, being dominant comes naturally to me. My creativity, intuition, skill, and innate Dominant demeanor make Me the ideal WOMAN with whom to explore your submissive desires and needs.

I have been described as a Seductress, Temptress, Role-play Extraordinaire, Fetishist, Humiliatrix, Sadist, Disciplinarian, and The Girl Next Door. I can be sensual or strict, playful or demanding,  nurturing or cruel. I am able to slip in and out of these personas with ease, leaving you vulnerable, off-balance, and in anticipation about what to expect next.

My Psychology background, coupled with my fascination for the Unconscious Mind, inspired me to study and master the art of Hypnosis‚Äďall to enhance MY natural ability to control My submissives and bend them to MY will.

To ME, Domination and submission have certain therapeutic properties that frequently go unrecognized. For example, the separation of a man and his ego can be extremely powerful, spiritual and transformative for the male.

Frequently, men try to hide this side of themselves that craves to submit to a truly Dominant woman, and I welcome it! I realize that it can be a challenge for an Alpha, or even a Beta, man to embrace his deepest submissive desires. By incorporating Hypnosis, I have the ability to speak to your unconscious mind, both creating and releasing your desires.

I will use your interests and weaknesses to lure you into my web, to tease and deny you, and get you to do whatever it is that I desire.  You will come to realize that I possess a unique and insightful connection with MY submissives that enables ME to know the type of experience best for them, even if they are unaware of it.

There will only be certain constants in our otherwise dynamic relationship: you will cater to my whims, treat ME with utmost respect and devotion, demonstrate unconditional obedience to ME, and follow MY orders strictly and unconditionally.

As a Hypno-Domina, and as your Superior, I enjoy the spontaneity of being in the moment, making things real, and placing my submissives in an altered state of consciousness and awareness, which they will never forget.

I am located in New York City and occasionally travel. Sincere novices and experienced players may apply.


I also enjoy scenes ranging from Seductive Role-Plays, Arousal/Denial, Strict Disciplinarian, Heavy Corporal and Extreme Humiliation & Degradation.