Alicia-CoachingCoaching by Mistress Alicia

I work with people towards helping them Live Life Powerfully and Live a Life they love.

1.  How can my Mistress be my Coach?

As your Mistress, I am the perfect person to be your coach. I can guide you towards  improving areas of your life. With a reward and punishment system, knowing that ultimately you have to answer to Me ups the stakes exponentially.

2. What is having a coach all about?

There are often areas in your life that you would like to change. However, knowing is sometimes not always enough for a difficult challenge. You might need an incentive, or guidance to reach certain goals. Having Me work with you through this can show tremendous success.

3. How is an experience with Me different than with any other Life Coach?

I possess the unique ability to integrate my Domme skills with sophisticated psychological tools, such as; NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Classical Hypnosis.

4. What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming is a modality of psychology.  My years of practicing NLP provides Me with the ability to read through your language and understand the mind patterns.  It is a language of the persona, that is unique to your personality and reveals the way in which you perceive yourself and experience the world around you.

Knowing what your goals are, I can see what’s standing in the way of you achieving them and moreover, how to eliminate those obstacles. Using this method, I can understand why there is conflict, limiting beliefs, blocks for achieving excellence etc. I will reroute your thought process toward achieving these goals.

5. What can NLP be helpful with?

NLP works well in areas of your life that you would like to improve.  NLP will identify any conflict, Health, Fitness, Limiting Beliefs, Fears, Smoking, Overeating, Confidence Building, Making a difficult decision and letting go of a past experience etc.

6. Can you combine NLP with Ericksonian or Classical Hypnosis to help me achieve my goals?

Yes. NLP helps to explore the inner conflict and why you aren’t doing what needs to be done, while hypnosis can add that extra push to help you feel powerful in achieving your goals.

7. How does this play into the Domme/sub dynamic?

I will work with you towards accountability. I will incorporate Positive and Negative reinforcement with a punishment and reward system.

8. Would you put me on a plan or would it be Session by Session?

Either is possible. This depends what we are working towards and whether it is a short or a long term goal.

9. Would we do this before, after, during our session or does this require a separate time?

Generally we will do this before, after or during, depending on what the goals are.

10. How do we get started?

Book a session.