Mistress Alicia’s Hypno-Domination


Hypno-Domination, My specialty, creates the ultimate experience in Domination.

While being taken to a highly aroused state I will guide you to experience a deeper, truer form of submission to Me, by exploring your innermost desires and releasing any inhibitions.

In practice, Hypno-domination, also known as a Trance, allows you a focused mental state of heightened awareness. You become receptive to suggestions which will allow you to be extremely submissive to Me.

An intense visualization becomes your experience. While your mind creates an emotionally charged imagery, your body experiences it as actual reality.

Each person may experience a different state of Trance. Even a light state, similar to the feeling when you are waking up in the morning or falling asleep at night, is extremely effective for your ultimate submission to Me.

Frequently, your deepest desires live in your unconscious mind and come to the surface. However, the conscious mind and ego can make it challenging to allow you to fully explore these desires.

Once I induce trance and guide you into a deep hypnotic and aroused state, I will speak to both, your conscious and unconscious mind, unlocking your deepest desires to be submissive to Me.

My desires will become your reality, and you will be extremely eager to serve and please ME.